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Friday Show

The show was awesome, but wasn't that expected? lol. Wait, let me clear that up, the performance part of the show was awesome... every other aspect of the show was gay.

First complaint.. what my brother refered to as the "mean muggers"... so it's a real pain in the ass trying to enjoy a show with assholes in front of you either pointing and talking about you and giving you dirty looks all night... so yeah that was gay...

Second complaint was the fact my friends had certain "issues" didn't help either.

Though Jeff was awesome, the band was awesome, the performance was awesome, everything else was awesome! Awesome, awesome, awesome, lol.

Jeffrey, that one picture was HILARIOUS! Hahahaha... it looked sooo bad... don't worry I will not post it... I will send it to you though, cuz that was good times hahaha, and it makes me laugh haha. YOU RULE!

Oh yeah side note.. Jeff you looked mega hot... hot pants, hot jacket, hot hair... DAMN YOU'RE HOT!! lol... but I think you already knew that! ;) As well as everyone else... oh baby!! LOL!! I need to just shut up!

For now I will just put the picture of you performing in your hot ass coat! :-D

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